Scientific knowledge needs to be transmited beyond 'peers' and I enjoy very much doing it

Participation in

Science goes public 2019 and 2018

Scientists give 30-min talks in pubs in Bremen and Bremerhaven (without powerpoint!) on a research topic. Talks are followed by questions and discusion with the public.

November 2018 Gastfeld, Bremen, reading the story 'The Bremen Townmusicians set sail' and discussing about future sea level rise and marise research.

March 2019 Das Rüssel, Bremerhaven, reading the story 'The Bremen Townmusicians set sail' and discussing about future sea level rise and marise research.

Talks for the public in other contexts,

for example

Carrera científica en el extranjero. Investigar en MARUM (Scientific Career in a Foreign Country. Research in MARUM). Invited talk at the closing ceremony of the academic year 2011/2012 at the High School Carmen y Severo Ochoa de Albornoz, Luarca (Asturias, Spain).

Photo V. Diekamp/MARUM

Listen to my story from Volume I read by Uruguayan radio host Diego Cabral ('


Once Upon a Time... a Scientific Fairy Tale

Phase I: 2016-2017 (Volume I)

Phase II: 2018-2021 (Volume II)

Scientists from different institutions write stories with scientific content in order to communicate their research or topics of public interest (for example human-made climate change) in an entertaining and easy to understand way. Artists as well as Scientists illustrate the stories.

Together with with Hadar Elyashiv and Dharma Reyes-Macaya I  coordinated Volume I and with the help of Hadar Elyashiv I am coordinating the development of Volume II.

Other activities I perform within the framework of the project are the organization and participation on reading events of the stories followed by discussions with the public. Organization and participation in writing courses.

Engament in Scientists for Future (S4F)

A collective of scientists of all disciplines that supports the global climate movement. We work for the transfer of scientific facts to the general public, politicians, educators, decission makers, activists... United behind the Science.

Engament in CERFA,

Society of Spanish Researchers in Germany

A non-rpofit organanitation, which serves as networking platform, facilate collaborations, disseminate science and exchanges with the Spanish R+D+I stakeholders.

Writing essays

About different topics

  1. Roop, H., Martínez-Méndez, G., Mills, K. The art of science communication: traps, tips and tasks for the modern-day scientist. PAGES news, vol. 21, No 2, 90, August 2013.

  2. Martínez-Méndez, G., Histórico ‘nuevo record’ en las emisiones de CO2 (Historic ‘new record’ in the CO2 emissions). Essay in Almuña´s Local Magazine (Asturias, Spain).
  3. Martínez-Méndez, G., Foraminíferos: esos pequeños testigos del pasado (Foraminifera: those little witnesses of the past). Essay in Almuña´s Local Magazine (Asturias, Spain).

  4. Martínez-Méndez, G., Relación entre la concentración de CO2 en el pasado, la temperatura atmosférica y el calentamiento global presente (Relationship between the CO2 concentration in the past, atmospheric temperature and present global warming). Essay in Almuña´s Local Magazine (Asturias, Spain).

  5. Martínez-Méndez, G., La Corriente de Agulhas (The Agulhas Current). Essay in the magazine Investigación y Ciencia (Spanish Edition of Scientific America).