4 Peer-review papers as 1st author, 11 as co-author; 4 Essays as 1st author, 2 as co-author; contribution to 6 expedition reports. Selected:

Precessional changes of the South Pacific subtropical jet over the past 1 million years (2019). Lamy, F., Chiang, J.C.H., Martínez-Méndez, G., Thierens, M., Arz, H.W., Bosmans, J.H.C., Hebbeln, D., Lambert, F., Stuut, J.-B. PNAS, vol. 117 no 45,

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16 talks held at international conferences, in seminars or for the public; co-author in 9 talks. Selected:

Jun. 2017, 2nd Workshop PAGES Working group OC3. Corvallis, USA

Last deglacial planktic and benthic foraminifera d13C records from the Southeast and Western Equatorial Pacific.

Martínez-Méndez, G. et al.

Oct. 2015, 6th Early Career Scientists Conference for

Marine and Climate Research. Kiel, Germany

Is the deep Pacific a reservoir of atmospheric CO2 during glacials?

Old-School talk. Martínez-Méndez, G. et al.

Sep. 2015, Invited seminar at the University of Concepción, Chile

Views from the Southern Ocean about the General Ocean Circulation: paleoceanographic records from the ‘Warm and Cold” Water Routes. Martínez-Méndez, G.

Feb. 2013, 4th PAGES Open Science Meeting. The Past:

A Compass for Future Earth. Goa, India

Increase proportion of Antarctic Intermediate Water off Northern Chile (27.5°S) in Glacial Periods Over the Past Million Years.

Martínez-Méndez, G. et al.

Dec. 2008, AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco, USA

Recipient of an Outstanding Student Paper Award

Influence of Agulhas Leakage on the Meridional Overturning Circulation (MOC): Insights From Paired Planktonic and Benthic Foraminifera Stable Isotope and Trace Metal Analyses Over the Last 345 kyr.

Martínez-Méndez, G. et al.

Ap. 2005, EGU General Assembly. Vienna, Austria

Deep Circulation off South Africa: Northern vs Southern Hemisphere Sources. Martínez-Méndez, G. et al.

Poster presentations

15 posters as 1st author at international conferences, 16 as co-author. Selected:

Dec. 2017, AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, USA

Did Antarctic Intermediate Water in the Southeast Pacific expanded vertically or only deepened? Martínez-Méndez, G. et al.

Dec. 2017, AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, USA

Once Upon a Time… A Scientific Fairy Tale (outreach poster)

Martínez-Méndez, G. and OUAT Team

Dec. 2014, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA

Searching for the conduit waters of old glacial carbon: deglacial intermediate to deepwater records from the western sub-equatorial Pacific. Martínez-Méndez, G. et al.

Sep. 2013, 11th International Conference on Paleoceanography, Sitges, Spain

Changes in the upper water-column stratification off northern Chile (27.5°S) during the past ca 1 Ma. Martínez-Méndez, G. et al.

Sep. 2013, ICP11, Sitges, Spain

Student Poster Prize to D. Reyes-Macaya

Water mass distribution during the last glacial-interglacial transition and late Holocene in the Eastern South Pacific. Reyes-Macaya, D., De Pol-Holz, R., Mohtadi, M., Martínez-Méndez, G.

Sep. 2007, ICP9, Shanghai, China

Deep Water Circulation of the South Atlantic During the Last 345 kyr: Northern vs Southern Sources. Martínez-Méndez, G. et al.

Sep. 2004, ICP8, Biarritz, France

Student Poster Prize

Multi-Centennial Benthic-Planktonic Isotope and Flow-Speed Records From the Agulhas Corridor. Martínez-Méndez, G., et al.